Portland, Oregon

Anna Marti

Independence, harmony, a continual and deep enjoyment of the world that no fear or anxiety can tarnish is available to us all.

Rather than being an obstacle, our bodies and our sensual nature can be integral to personal and spiritual liberation. My work is grounded, respectful and authentic.

In private, confidential sessions, men gain mastery of how to generate, contain and transform sexual energy and cultivate deep presence. Women remember how to heal and reclaim their sexual power and become radiant in their ability to love. Profound levels of respect and joy emerge within couples. As a result, we learn to relax deeply and access our life potential in a valuable and powerful way.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word used very loosely in the west describing a number of historical spiritual systems, specifically from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism that share practices of an erotic nature. The misperception is that tantra is solely about sexual practices. In truth, tantric practice engages us in every aspect of living. What that means is that all experience, eating, driving, working, brushing your teeth, making love, smoking a cigarette (yes, even smoking a cigarette), becomes a vehicle for that inquiry into consciousness: how can I be deeply and fully awake?

One must consider, in our consumer-driven capitalistic nation, the word tantra has become the perfect vehicle for said opportunistic entrepreneurs. You have books, dvds, workshops, love oils, restaurants in Miami, the list is endless. Not to disparage my colleagues, or what I do; I am as guilty as the rest. I guess what Im saying, is buyer beware. Yes, we all want a deeper connection to ourselves and the world, altered states of consciousness, hotter sex and longer erections (well, almost all of us). The truth is, this quality of being, this entering fully in EVERY experience, can open the door to a vibrancy, an engagement with all of life, joy, sorrow, pain, longing. It does not require special clothes, incense, workshops or alters with sacred objects. It does not mean I am having sex or not, have a partner or not, know how to act sexy or not. All of these qualities are not bad things or good things and can be great fun, or not. I am suggesting that at this moment, as you read this, you can feel your body on whatever surface you find yourself, feel your breath, notice the space and density within you. At this moment you are practicing tantra. Take it into the next moment, and the next, and the next.

My gifts are many. I provide a bridge between these ancient teachings and western psychotherapeutic and somatic practices. Sessions contain a combination of teaching, coaching and experiential exercises and experiences to embody the principles being presented. Please read the FAQs page before calling to make an appointment.


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